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The Secret beyond The Writing Flow

We all seem to be passionate about something in life day by day. People who say they have no passions at all are deliberately lying. You know what? We are all human beings driven by inner feelings, ideas, and thoughts that flare up at certain points in our lives. Sometimes our passion is there, asleep and drowsy, hidden in our souls. We may be unable to figure it out until one day, it smacks on our faces, bursts out and we can put it in actual words.

While you are reading this short introduction you may be wondering which passion (among others) in my life is. I love WRITING.

Blogging will allow me to open up to you with my most sincere and honest heart and to portray my ideas and thoughts creating a substantial landmark. My blog will be about Lifestyle. That means you will find stuff about Culture and Education, Parenting, Technology, Travel, Food, Healthy habits, Fashion, Beauty, Style, Sports and games, Relationships, and Reviews among others.  

I firmly believe two things:

  • Firstly, and generally speaking, we are what we do, and as long as we do it with great effort and dedication we will instantly inspire others.
  • Secondly, that inspirational feeling can be contagious and turn into an endlessly enjoyable environment. That is, as long as we do what we like the most we can become true-hearted inspiring human beings. And, that’s my intention with this blog. I want to share my posts with you and know you are sitting in front of the screen, not only setting your eyes on my words but feeling them.

I’d like to be in touch and interact with everyone who enjoys reading my content here and with everyone who might need pieces of writing content. Sometimes ideas are in our minds, but the difficult task is to put them down into a piece of writing, isn’t it? Well, in that case, you should let me know and see how we can accomplish that task. I truly hope we can open up ways together with The Writing Flow. I am eager to count on your support and as part of my readership!!!

Maria Lopez R. –

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